Order Picker RPL

This unit specifies the skills and knowledge required to operate an order picking forklift truck safely in accordance with all relevant legislative requirements. Competence in this unit, does not in itself result in a HRW Licence to operate this plant. A person still needs to pass the Licencing Assessments. This unit requires a person operating an order picking forklift truck to, plan and prepare for the work/task, perform work/task and pack up.

To meet WHS obligations for anyone needing a high risk work licence to operate an order picking forklift.

Highly sought after for anyone working in the Logistics sectors.

1 day plus Licencing Assessments

Proof of prior competency with an order picking forklift is required i.e. expired or overseas licence, Government paperwork etc.
You must be able to read and write
You must be able to speak English
You must meet the evidence of identity requirements to hold a high risk work licence

Statement of Attainment for TLILIC0004 Licence to operate an order picking forklift truck together with the Government paperwork to facilitate a licence application on line with Worksafe Qld that must be made within 60 days of finishing the course. If the licence application is not done, at 61 days you are no longer legal to operate a forklift and you will need to be re-assessed and issued new paperwork to obtain your high risk work licence.

Student is assessed against TLILIC0004 Licence to operate an order picking forklift truck. The student also needs to pass the Licencing Assessments (theory, calculation and practical) mandated by Safe Work Australia to obtain a high risk work licence. This is a National Assessment Instrument used throughout Australia. Any RTO assessing high risk work competencies are required to give Workplace Health and Safety Queensland 3 days prior notification that the assessment is going to take place, to allow WHS Inspectors to conduct unannounced audits on student assessments. Assessment is conducted in English no interpreters permitted.

Face to Face at our purpose built facility on the Gold Coast. Can be delivered for employers in their workplace, providing machinery and racking are suitable and there is a quiet place to sit and do the written assessments plus a suitable area (and enough machines) to conduct the practical training.

All equipment and resources are supplied by The Operator School. Our purpose built training facility offers a quality training experience. We have a selection of classrooms all equipped with air-conditioning, projectors, TV's etc. We have 2 order pickers, 8 bays of approved racking and a huge range of loads for you to lift, move, place and practice with. We have a tearoom with a fridge if you wish to bring your own lunch. Tea and coffee is provided free of charge.

Code Title Hours
TLILIC0004 Licence to operate an order picking forklift truck 30

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