Issuance of Your Forklift and/or Order Picker Licence

Upon successful completion of our order picker or forklift driver’s training courses, you will obtain a Nationally Recognised Licence.

The Units of Competency we offer at The Operator School are:

  • TLILIC0003 Licence to operate a forklift truck
  • TLILIC0004 Licence to operate an order picking forklift truck

*Licences are issued in Queensland but are recognised nationally. Whether you complete your order picker or forklift course in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth or elsewhere, the assessment requirements are the same.

Forklift and order picker licences (otherwise known as tickets) are classed as High Risk Work Licences. They are photographic and renewable every 5 years.

Listed below is the procedure for the issuance of your forklift/order picker licence:

Issuance Image

1. Assessment Summary and Statement of Attainment

Assessment Summary (Government Paperwork)
Your Assessment Summary will be issued on satisfactory completion of your practical assessment of your order picker or forklift driver’s training course. You will need your Assessment Summary (AS1) number when you lodge your application online. The number is located the top left hand corner of the Assessment Summary.

Statement of Attainment
It is our normal business practice that your Statement of Attainment is issued at the same time as your Assessment Summary. However, if we have conducted an on-site assessment for you, this may take a few days longer as we will need to process the files when we are back at the office.

We are also able to email your Statement of Attainment as a secured PDF (within 30 days).

You are legally allowed to operate a forklift /order picker in the workplace
Once you have passed your training course assessments and you have been issued with your Assessment Summary.

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2. You must lodge your application for your high risk work licence online within 60 days

You must lodge your application for a licence, online with within 60 days of the issuance of the Assessment Summary (AS1).

If the paperwork is issued but misplaced by yourself within 60 days, you will incur an administration fee of $50 for re-issuing paperwork. Paperwork is re-issued with original dates (you do not get extra 60 days). You will also need to be available to re-sign paperwork.

At 61 days, if you have not lodged your licence application, you are no longer legally allowed to operate a forklift (or order picker). You will need to be re-assessed.

Depending on how overdue the licence application is, you may be allowed to retake the mandatory challenge tests. There is a $350 fee for this service. However, if several months have elapsed since you undertook your assessment, you may have to complete the whole training process again and pay the cost of a full order picker/forklift drivers training course. Please discuss this with us if you find yourself in this situation.

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3. Online application

You will need:-

  • A valid email address
  • Assessment Summary (AS1) number
    *Number is located from the top left hand corner of the white copy of your Assessment Summary
  • Your QLD Driver’s Licence, proof of age card, marine licence or industry authority card
  • Your credit / debit card to make payment (BPay also available)
  • Application Fee for each licence class is $98.50
  • A step by step to applying for a licence online can be found here (details can also be found on the back of your AS1 form)

* We suggest you staple the receipt from the online application for your licence to your Assessment Summary as proof of lodgement. You can show this to your employer and any WHS Inspector that comes on-site.

Your order picker or forklift licence should arrive in the mail at your postal address within four weeks. More complex applications (i.e. when other licences are also being renewed at the same time) may take longer. If you have applied for two licence classes — forklift and order picker — both classes will appear on one high-risk work licence.

For further information relating to the issuance of order picker/forklift licences, contact us

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