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I am over 18 years of age.

I am able to understand English

I have a basic level of reading, writing and maths (at a minimum)

I have declared any prescriptive medication or any non-prescriptive drugs that I am taking in my medical consent.  I agree to inform The Operator School if there are any changes with my medical condition during the delivery of my training course.

I hereby declare that I am not currently under the influence of alcohol, prohibited substances or illegal drugs and that I will comply with this requirement for the duration of my training course.

I give The Operator School permission to verify my previous training records with another Training Organisation, Employer or Licencing Regulator if I am applying for Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) within my course.

I have reviewed the Student Handbook, and am informed about my rights and obligations and the services to be provided, including the Complaints and Appeals Process.

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I accept that being filmed recorded and photographed is a part of the normal procedures of The Operator School.  This material is used as part of the RTO's continuous improvement process.

I have reviewed The Operator School’s Privacy Statement outlining how my personal information will be collected, stored and used.  I consent to the collection, use, disclosure and storage of my personal information in accordance with the delivery of my training course.

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I have reviewed The Operator School's Payment Terms and Cancellation Policy and agree to accept the payment terms and cancellation policy for my course.

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Please do not offer your trainer or assessor any type of gift or gratuity, it is forbidden under the Assessor’s Code of Conduct.

I give my permission for The Operator School to collect, search, view, create (if applicable), verify, record, use, disclose and store my USI so that my academic achievements can be recorded against my name.

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I  have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions applicable to this enrolment and confirm that the information I have provided in this enrolment form is true and correct.  If I am found to be dishonest in this declaration or if I fail to disclose information I am aware that I am not covered by The Operator School's insurance policies.



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