Machinery Competency (formerly Licence)
Issuance of Certificate & Competency Cards

Upon successful completion of our earthmoving courses, you will obtain a Statement of Attainment for a Nationally Recognised Unit of Competency. You will also receive a competency card / ticket which can be shown to an employer as proof of competency.

In relation to our earthmoving courses and tickets, the Units of Competency we offer are:

  • RIIMPO318E – Conduct civil construction skid steer loader operations
  • RIIMPO320E – Conduct civil construction excavator operations
  • RIIMPO321E – Conduct civil construction wheeled front end loader operations
  • RIIMPO317E – Conduct roller operations
  • RIIMPO319D – Conduct backhoe/loader operations

Your Statement of Attainment and Competency Card will be issued on the same day* at the conclusion of your assessments

If you have been training at our facility in Arundel, we can produce and issue you with a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment and Competency Card on the day you complete the required competency assessments.

*If we have delivered assessments at your worksite in Brisbane or elsewhere in Southeast QLD, our assessors will need to come back to The Operator School to complete the administration process before we can issue your certification. While legislation requires that this is done within 30 days, we will do all we can to expedite the process. Your Statement of Attainment may be sent in the mail or by email as a secure PDF.

Competency Card

At The Operator School, you will be provided a credit card-sized competency card with your photo. Keep this card with you at all times when operating earthmoving machinery.


Once a person has achieved competency through an RTO, this shows they are trained to a basic industry standard. A competency card does not equate to experience, as this is gained over time in a variety of worksites, using different attachments and working with different materials.

For further information on our earthmoving courses, including backhoe, excavator and bobcat training, and the process of issuing machinery competency certificates and competency cards, contact us here.

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