Machinery FAQ

How big does my earthmoving machine need to be for a practical assessment?

It can be any size. Under the current Work Health and Safety Regulations, the size and the capacity of the machine are not relevant to the assessment. Anyone operating any type of earthmoving machinery needs to be competent if they are to qualify for a ticket. This is not the same as in the previous 2008 Workplace Health and Safety Legislation where if a machine that was smaller than 2 litre the operator did not legally require a licence.

Does my New Zealand Rollers, Tracks and Wheels cover me for machinery in Australia?

No, the RTW is only an endorsement onto an NZ driving licence to drive a piece of machinery on the road. It does not cover any sort of operation of the machinery in the area of load-shifting, which is what the competencies and old licences are based upon in Australia.

If you have a certificate for any training you have done on a particular machine, for example, an excavator, bobcat or backhoe, you will need to put forward a recognised prior learning application form for consideration. We would then be able to look at that and see if we could organise a 1-day gap training earthmoving course for you to bring your qualification through to the Australian Standard. If you only hold the RTW endorsement, we can either undertake a 2-stage course done in conjunction with an employer if you currently have one, or a full earthmoving training course with a view to an early assessment.

What do I need to drive a Piece of earth moving equipment on the road in QLD?

When driving a tractor, backhoe, etc. on the road, the machine needs to be either road registered or a permit (or exemption) obtained to allow the machine to be on a road.

The operator also needs the relevant earthmoving machinery (backhoe, bobcat, excavator, etc.) Licence (or competency card) along with a current QLD drivers licence.

The QLD issued UD Licence is currently being phased out (to bring Queensland into line with other states and territories). Operators driving heavy machinery on the road will not be required to obtain a Heavy Rigid Licence, as they will be allowed to drive an earthmoving machine on the road with a car licence.

The class UD will not be issued to new applicants from 1 January 2014.

However, operators should be aware that from 1 January 2016 all mobile cranes over 4.5t GVM will not be able to be driven on a class UD licence. If you wish to drive a mobile crane over 4.5t GVM after the two-year transitional period you will be required to hold the appropriate class of heavy vehicle licence.

Please contact us for more details.

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